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My name is Thomas. I'm a photo retoucher, photography editor, and professional photographer. I'm currently based in Providence, Rhode Island, and have worked in Newport, and Boston.

​My client work is selective as I prefer a collaborative approach with other open-minded, creative, punctual, and reliable — professionals. My photography incorporates the narrative in creative marketing and performance-based sales. My projects emphasize movement, emotive - expressions, and innovative techniques.

For many clients, well-thought-out photos play a crucial role in emotional responses from customers.  On a basic level, it's communicating to make your customers aware of goods and services. It's educating them and providing them with custom choices. It's encouraging them to act with their wallet or purse.


Have you experienced increased sales as part of a visually-based marketing campaign?  Have you seen customer engagement increase around your goods and services?

Let's explore the best way to engage your new and old customers and create something truly memorable!



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